Zeit Provides a vitual time travel service. The human race has been dreaming about time travel for ages. Now it’s finally possible. After years of discussion and deliberation, officials in Brussels last month announced that the International Concordance on Time Travel is giving Zeit standards to finally democratize the experience of time travel. 


Analysis & Research

Competitive Analysis

Technologies keep growing and growing nowadays, people are more likely to explore things that are totally new or non-exist than before. For example, SpaceX provides space transportation service and people are excited about this and some of them already made it.

Even though time traveling is a brand new concept for the market, it’s totally catch customers’ eyes. After decades of regular site-seeing, travelers do need more and more experience.

User Interviews


Shelley L. 30


Kevin Z. 30


Winter Z. 28

Post-it note summary

After interview some of my friends and family about traveling or time travel tour, I gained lot of information from them, here are some points about my impressions.


  • Traveling - I believe all of them love traveling, in terms of relaxing or take some adventures, that would be a great start for a tourism website! Yes, who doesn’t like traveling? I was surprised some of them love history and adventure because traveling for me is about food and rest, that would be good news for Zeit, there would be people out there who love to take some adventures. When we talked about places, the participants are all excited to tell me about the cities they visited, I believe the places/cities that attracted them most would somewhere unique and has connections with the tourists. 


  • Time-traveling - Most of them were doubting at the first time, but after my explanation about the background of Zeit, all of them are excited and glad to hear that, which is great to know, but some of them still have an overwhelming feeling, that could be an important message. And they are concerned about things like if they could be back, or some timeline shifting, even some side-effect to health. I believe Zeit needs to investigate that to eliminate the worries like that to the consumers. For locations, people all have their preference, back to their young age, mysterious countries like China, or somewhere more unique like Southern Iraq, I believe this would some categories of Zeit’s destination when we design the product. 


  • Budget - This part surprised me most, participants are not caring about the budget during their normal traveling too much, but for a single time traveling, some of them gave me around $50,000. Even though we do have a lot of cost during the R&D process, but if we could make the price more practical to our customers, they would be surprised and love to participate in this unique journey!


Zeit is targeting on users around 25-35 years, and who loves IT product and has the willing to try new technologies.

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Information Architecture

Site map, user & task flow

zeit site map-v2.jpeg
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Branding & Visuals

Brand style tile & UI kit

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Live Demo

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